Producers Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are bringing a LOST writer into the fold.

Rumors of an imminent Xena: Warrior Princess reboot have been making the rounds for some time, and today they solidified into actual news. Per the Hollywood Reporter:

NBC is moving forward with its Xena: Warrior Princess reboot. The network has tapped Lost alum Javier Grillo-Marxuach to pen the script for the project... 

Grillo-Marxuach, who was part of the Emmy-winning drama win for Lost in 2004, will exec produce the Xenareboot alongside co-creator Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, who will oversee the NBC International Television Studios entry via their Ghost House Pictures banner.

Grillo-Marxuach's no slouch in the genre TV department: dude was a writer on Lost before he became a producer, and also wrote scripts for Charmed, The Dead Zone, and Helix. Seems like a good fit to me, but then, I say that having never seen an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Today's news also confirms the rumors that original series star Lucy Lawless will not be returning to the series. According to THR, the plan is for this new series to follow "a new, modern Xena", an actress that will combine "the charisma and charm of original star Lucy Lawless and the smarts of The Hunger Games' Katniss".

They want Jennifer Lawrence, in other words, but since that's not gonna happen: who do you think would be a good fit? Yes, yes - Lawless returning to the series would be ideal (and, honestly, there doesn't seem to be any reason why she couldn't do it; she even seems interested in reprising the role), but what's your next favorite choice? Sound off in the comments below.