See The New Trailer For BNAT Crowd-Pleaser EDDIE THE EAGLE

You guys are going to like this one.

Devin and I just got out of this weekend's annual 24-hour movie marathon Butt-Numb-A-Thon, where the undisputed crowd favorite was Dexter Fletcher's Eddie the Eagle, produced by Kingsman's Matthew Vaughn and starring the dapper young Kingsman himself, Taron Egerton. And in possibly not accidental timing, the trailer for Eddie the Eagle went live today: 

This movie is such a charmer! In many ways, it's a pretty typical underdog sports story, but with a refreshing sense of self-acknowledgement that doesn't present itself as snark. Eddie the Eagle is all heart, but it's not hokey. And the performances, particularly by Egerton and a never-better Hugh Jackman, support this delightful true story in just the right way. By the end of the film, our crowd was on their feet, pumping fists and cheering loudly. It's just that kind of movie. 

Eddie the Eagle arrives February 26. If it wasn't already on your radar, it should be now.