The Ladies Are Ready To Bust Ghosts In New GHOSTBUSTERS Pic

Looking tough!

This far along, it’s almost funny that instead of a trailer, we’re still just sticking with staged photos from the Ghostbusters promotional team. We’re probably going to get some kind of teaser or trailer soon, but for today, here’s another shot of these awesome ladies standing in costume looking tough:

Whining aside, all four Ghostbusters look awesome, and I can’t wait to see them actually bust some ghosts. I’m a big Leslie Jones fan and above all hope that this brings her to a level which allows her to be in all kinds of movies. I’m also a big Kate McKinnon fan and a big Kristen Wiig fan and… I just really enjoy all these people. Ghostbusters sounds fun, but more than anything I’m excited to see a film with these four leads together. It could be a movie about doing difficult math, really.

Luckily, it’s a film about ladies that bust ghosts instead. We’ll see how good they are at it when the film comes out July 15.