Twin Cities! Come See The STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL For Charity!

Quick everyone! Fly to Minneapolis right now!

Do you live in or around the Twin Cities area? If so, keep reading. If not, well, this isn’t for you, but please enjoy a winter that isn’t a goddamn nightmare.

For those still around, tonight holds something very special you may be interested in. Christopher Grap is holding his annual winter showing of the Star Wars Holiday Special at Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater. I know there’s a big Star Wars movie coming out. This one’s almost as good.

To get into the show, which happens at 4, 7 and 10pm, all you have to do is arrive with a charitable Toys For Tots toy. That’s right! You get to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special at a bar AND do something good for charity. It’s a win-win for your soul. You can get more details here.