Here’s The Final Poster For THE WITCH

A24 should've hired Daniel Danger.

At this point, I think everyone on the Birth.Movies.Death. staff has seen - and greatly enjoyed - Robert Eggers' The Witch. You've probably noticed us singing the film's praises over the last year (here's Devin's review out of Sundance, and my review from the frontlines of Fantastic Fest), and we're all very excited for everyone else to get a look at the film when it arrives at the end of February; at least then we'll be able to discuss the thing at length, without the fear of spoiling things for anyone.

Until then, you have no choice but to take our word(s) for it...and soak up the creepy marketing campaign being rolled out by A24. A final trailer arrived last month, and now we've got a final one-sheet (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) to gawk at. Here's what it looks like: 

That's a reasonably evocative image, I guess, but - with all due respect to The Witch, A24, and whoever put this one-sheet together - Mondo artist Daniel Danger really should've been hired to create this film's poster. Dude's a New England native who specializes in creepy atmospherics, run-down old houses, and skeletal tree branches. As a lover of both The Witch and badass movie poster art, it's unthinkable to me that this pairing didn't happen. Maybe they can put together one final final poster? 

Anyway, The Witch arrives on February 26th, at which point it will become the best horror movie you've seen in a long time. If you're not hyped already, get started.