The Canon Episode 56: APOCALYPSE NOW w/ Henry Rollins

The legendary Henry Rollins nominated APOCALYPSE NOW for The Canon!

Look, I don't want to boast or anything, but I have to tell you that in the span of one week I attended a Star Wars premiere and had an hour long conversation with Henry Rollins, so the end of 2015 was very much about fulfilling the dreams of my younger self. What a set of experiences!

I didn't record the premiere, but I did record Henry Rollins, as he joined me and Amy Nicholson on The Canon. Henry nominated Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, the seminal Vietnam War film often considered one of the best movies ever made. Yeah, Rollins picked a home run - you gonna argue with him?

It's worth noting that Henry Rollins is incredibly nice, patient and kind and otherwise exactly as you would imagine - intense as fuck, locquacious in the extreme and willing to get dark with a moment's notice. What I really love about this episode is the way that Rollins compares the journey of the boat upriver in the movie with his own experiences in the tour van in Black Flag - that sort of personal connection is what you hope a guest brings to an episode like this!

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