Dolph Lundgren’s KINDERGARTEN COP 2 Gets Some Official Photos

We now have proof that this thing exists.

Last August, I informed you that Dolph Lundgren was making a sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s singular and beautiful Kindergarten Cop. You may have assumed I was just being a wise-ass. But I was not. I was being a regular ass.

And now I can prove it. got their hands on some pictures from the film:

Of the four pictures, three show Lundgren dealing with Kindergarten chaos, and one shows Lundgren and his kids being lead to their executions by a mysterious armed man. Like the original, Kindergarten Cop 2 involves a cop who must go undercover as a teacher to solve some case. It’s 2016, so Dolph will also have to deal with an overly PC culture at the Kindergarten, something I’m super excited about.

We don’t have a solid release date for this yet, which is tragic. At some point in 2016, though, you can bet this will arrive to tickle your funny bone, massage your emotional bone, and maybe even doddle your diddle bone.