Hear “Dance Bitch,” Allie Goertz’ RICK AND MORTY Song

The latest from BMD's favorite popcult singer/songwriter.

I came late to Rick and Morty and for that I apologize! I thought the show was yet another in the endless glurge of Adult Swim oriented 'grownup cartoons' that appeal to the exact same white 20something stoners who think they've discovered subversion. It so much is not that. It's a brilliantly written, audaciously imagined and shockingly heartfelt cartoon that explores real scifi themes while also appealing to white 20something stoners who think they've discovered subversion. 

Me getting into the show is good timing, because my friend Allison Goertz has just released a concept album about Rick and Morty. Called Sad Dance Songs it's a real left-turn from the acoustic songs on her debut album (when she was recording under the now-unfortunate name Cossbysweater) - this time Allie is working in dance music. And it's good! 

The album is out now, and you can get a taste of it with the first single and video, Dance Bitch. It's a good pop song, but fans of the show will understand the deep river of melancholy that runs underneath it all. That's always been a part of Allie's music - she's not just another YouTuber making pop culture references, she's using those references to explore real emotions. And it's also a part of Rick and Morty. What a match. Let's hope Dan Harmon doesn't sue her.