Tom Hanks Has His Hair Fixed In First INFERNO Pics

Has the DA VINCI CODE hero finally been tamed?

I only saw the first Da Vinci Code movie, and I barely remember it. So I don’t really have any dogs in this race. But for those who are interested, Sony Pictures just put out a bunch of photos from the upcoming sequel, Inferno:

As you can see, this series has really just been about taming Hank’s wild man hair. It was all Lethal Weapon in the first film. They tightened it up a bit for Angles & Demons. Now it’s basically just Tom Hanks hair, albeit with a slight vertical flourish still trying to assert itself.

The movie is based on Dan Brown’s Inferno, in which I assume Hanks discovers nefarious Church business by finally reading Dante’s Divine Comedy. He’ll be joined by Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan, Omar Sy, and Ben Foster. Ron Howard is of course coming back as well.

Inferno plans to burn up some box office starting October 14, 2016.