This Gingerbread Overlook Hotel Looks Terrifying AND Delicious

And wait'll you see what's in Room 237.

Quick: picture any gingerbread house you've ever made. Hell, think back to the best gingerbread house you ever made.

Remember the crooked, sloping roof? Remember the embarrassing mess you made trying to accent each window with frosted curlicues? Remember the look of disappointment that flashed across the face of everyone you showed your hard work to, and how your own face burned red with shame? Those were good times.

Now look at this gingerbread Overlook hotel, created by master builder "agkeeling" (who uploaded photos of his/her triumphant creation to imgur yesterday). It is a no-shit masterwork. For god's sake, it even has a maze!

Moving in a little closer, you can really see how much trouble this person went to. The walls are plastered over with fondant, the roof is textured with quinoa and powdered sugar, the windows were apparently created using melted Jolly Ranchers...this thing is bananas. 

In the original imgur listing, the Gingerbread Overlook's architect notes that "there are five interior rooms that depict scenes from the movie!" Let's take a look.

Here's the Twins, ready to menace Danny in one of the hallways...

...and here's a better look. The architect points out that the wallpaper is printed on edible paper. 

Through another window, we can see Wendy "Shrieking Dishrag" Torrance holed up in one of the Overlook's bathrooms.

While in another bathroom-- the one in Room 237-- Jack Torrance has just discovered that the Gingerbread Overlook has a stowaway. Ruh-roh!

A few dead folks are keeping things festive in the Overlook's ballroom, which is three stories tall (!!!). 

...while in another hallway, melted Jolly Ranchers are standing in for the tidal wave of blood flooding out of the Gingerbread Overlook's elevators.

Another view of the exterior. Apparently, the Gingerbread Overlook is roughly four feet long. And filled with delicious murder!

Let's take a closer look at that maze. Wonder who we might find in there?

Why, it's our old pal Jack, who's apparently spent too much time out in the snow.

This is an incredible achievement. On behalf of the entire Birth.Movies.Death. team, I'd like to salute Gingerbread Overlook architect "agkeeling":  you killed it, dude. 

To everyone else: happy holidays from the Birth.Movies.Death. team. If you'd like to see more pictures of agkeeling's Gingerbread Overlook, head over to this page, post-haste.