Chris Nolan’s Next Movie Could Be About World War II’s Operation Dynamo

And he’ll be making use of 70mm once again

There’s a lot of debate about the future of film as a capture and projection medium, especially in light of projector malfunctions during Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. Whatever the reasons for that might be, one thing is certain - the film looks absolutely stunning when projected on its native 70mm. In a recent conversation with Paul Thomas Anderson, a fellow fighter for the longevity of celluloid, Tarantino also confirmed that Christopher Nolan would be making use of the format once again, potentially his fourth outing with the use of IMAX cameras. The nature or subject matter of his next film (arriving July 2017) wasn’t known at the time. Nolan likes to play these things close to the chest, but it appears we’ve finally got word on what the project will be.

Local French outlet La Voix Du Nord managed to get word from the Mayor of Dunkerque (a.k.a. Dunkirk) that a world-famous director would be shooting a Hollywood blockbuster there, which lines up with their reports of not only brothers Christopher and Jonathan scouting there, but of scenes that will utilize thousands of extras when the film shoots next summer. Granted, there’s no specific, sourced confirmation that the film will be about the Dunkirk Evacuation, where hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers from France, Britian and Belgium were rescued in what Winston Churchill described as a “miracle of deliverance”, but the paper seems to believe so, and their intel has been spot on about everything else, so it looks likely. Besides, it’s like a very specific location.

If true, this’ll be a big change in direction for Nolan, whose last six films have dealt with superheroes, dream heists, magical cloning, and love as a physical dimension, unless of course there’s some supernatural spin on the historical events I’m unaware of. I don’t usually give in to speculation, but this seems to be pretty solid, and a July-set Hollywood blockbuster about World War II shot (partially) in IMAX sounds like a good deal to me. Plus, in my heart of hearts, I kind of want Michael Caine to play Winston Churchill. No word on whether or not the protagonist will have a dead wife yet, but I’ll make sure to answer that burning question as soon as I know the answer.