The Canon Episode 57: The Best of 2015

It comes down to CHI-RAQ vs CREED!

Here's how The Canon celebrates the end of the year: Amy and I talk about our favorite movies of the previous twelve months and put up our very favorite for inclusion in the Canon. This time Amy chooses Spike Lee's Chi-Raq, while I went with Ryan Coogler's Creed

I suspect this one is going to be a little unpopular with the people who think voting is the whole point of the show. I quite liked the debate that arose from this, and I appreciated Amy highlighting Chi-Raq, even if I think she's nuts for saying it's the best of the year. I sort of cheated on this one - Tangerine was my #1 movie of the year but I nominated Creed because a) I think people have seen it and b) I think it, along with already in the Canon Mad Max: Fury Road, captures the modern sequel/reboot world at its best. 

But it's up to you. Listen to us discuss our respective top ten lists and then hear Amy be profoundly wrong about Creed. Vote here

Thanks for a great year, by the way. The Canon has really taken off in 2015 and I appreciate all the support from you guys. Please consider sharing it with your friends who will get it - the show isn't for everyone, but I think it's a pretty damn cool show. 

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