HAIL, CAESAR! Nudges Your Memory With New Poster And TV Spot

Don’t forget we have a Coen Bros. movie coming up!

It’s been a crazy holiday. On top of all the Christmas shenanigans that go on every year, we had a whole new Star Wars movie to see (and see again) as well as a new Tarantino movie to watch (and watch again). We’re so mired in present cinema, it can be easy to lose sight of movies out there on the horizon.

But never fear! Christmas is behind us now, and as the new year approaches, the time has come to look forward! So look at this TV spot for Hail, Caesar!:

And then look at this poster for Hail, Caesar!:

And then be happy that this is in our future because it’s almost certain to be good. February 5 is closer than you may realize!