It’s The End Of 2015 Podcast Spectacular!

An entire year, covered in around ninety minutes.

Well here we are. The last day of 2015. What better day could there possibly be to drop a podcast discussing the year’s highs and lows? I can’t think of one.

And that’s exactly what Phil and I get up to here. We don’t go so far as to come up with a top ten list, but we get into a surprising amount of 2015 trends and topics. And yes, that also means we get into Star Wars. So if you need another reason to get excited for this, just think of it as our Star Wars episode. In fact, go ahead and think of all of them as Star Wars episodes.

This is the first time we’ve ever recorded a podcast in the morning. My only takeaway from that experience is the overwhelming number of coughs and groggy voices Phil and I offer. It’s like an intimate window through which you can hear what we sound like before noon, something usually only reserved for lovers and brothers in arms, or some mixture of both.

We’ve been scarce lately (our last podcast was for Creed!), but this week should make up for it. Today you get this podcast; tomorrow you get one on The Hateful Eight. We didn’t make a plan for the one after that though, so maybe prepare for another long break.

If the Soundcloud embed isn't working, you can find it here.