THE HATEFUL EIGHT All-Spoilers Podcast

A deep, life-affirming discussion of Tarantino’s latest masterpiece.

As promised, here is your second episode of the Birthcast.Deathcast.Moviecast.Padcast.Podcast. for the week. Aren’t you lucky!

For this episode, we’re getting deep into The Hateful Eight, which has been given a wide release a bit earlier than expected. If you haven’t seen the film yet, you might want to hold off on this one since we aren’t messing around with spoiler warnings or anything like that.

But if you have, please enjoy! As an added bonus, we mini-discuss Krampus at the top since we never got around to recording that particular episode. I can’t remember any other goofy stuff we get up to. We recorded it almost a week ago. My brains don’t go back that far.

As for the future, we have a plan to cover George A. Romero’s original Dead Trilogy next. That should probably get us through the January doldrums.