New Pics: Toho’s New Godzilla Is One Ugly Piece Of Work

Get a load of this goofball.

Behind the scenes photos of Toho’s new Godzilla costume surfaced this weekend. I wasn’t sure if they were for real or not, but they appear to be the goods according to August Ragone, author of Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters. Ragone claims to have inside knowledge of the production and confirms that these are legit:

Now, don’t freak out just yet. This new Godzilla (ahem, God Godzilla) will be more than just a man (actually, three men, somehow) in a suit. They’re bringing him to life with a combination of the suit, puppetry, animatronics, and computer effects. So when he moves around in the actual film, chances are he won’t look so goofy.

But boy, does he ever look goofy. This is a big, bold departure for Toho, and for that alone I love it. This God Godzilla has a long neck, rows of crazy teeth, weird little hands, a bunch of scarring, and those adorable little googly eyes. What a bizarre combination of features. With any luck, the overall derpyness on display here could actually translate to something scary in the finished film. I absolutely cannot wait to see this guy in action.