PSA: That Reddit BATMAN V SUPERMAN Review Is Full Of Shit

You're being lied to. Again.

I need to understand why people keep believing anonymous tipsters on Reddit. I can't wrap my head around the way the entire Internet just assumes some dude who registered a free account on a free site is telling the truth about something. It makes me think humanity is far more susceptible than I ever imagined. 

The latest steaming hot horse shit on Reddit is a review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* that many movie sites ran despite not being able to check its validity at all. If I can get on my soapbox for one second: yes, this stuff gets you hits, but is that the only reason you're doing this? Is there no larger mission you have, like maybe serving your readers with good information and commentary? Just running any bullshit that gets posted on Reddit is bad for your readers - you're actively misinforming them. I wish more sites would step away from this practice; sites reporting fake stuff posted at Reddit only emboldens the hoaxers. Shame on you, Cinemablend.

Soapbox off. Now you can read the review here and you should feel secure doing so, since this ViolatingNDA person did not see BvS. Their initial review is embarrassingly vague, mentioning mostly details available to anyone or that were scooped here or at Heroic Hollywood. But then they started answering questions from other Redditors and that's where it became clear: they are full of shit. There is no huge Justice League battle at the end. Green Lantern isn't in the movie. Aquaman doesn't show up on a tidal wave. These are all 100% lies. 

I am only running this because many people know I have a familiarity with the shooting script and that means I have been getting asked about this for the last few days. Rather than just reply to every tweet I've placed it here: this review is fake. 

That said... there is another review on Reddit that does get many of the plot beats correct. There are some things mentioned in that review that were not in the script, but that were minor enough pieces that they could have been added during shooting or during reshoots. There are major story beats that linked review gets simply wrong which the unlinked review (and since it has legit spoilers I won't link to it) gets right. So maybe there are people who have seen BvS at this point, but ViolatingNDA is not one of them. 

* Looks like I have to come up with a new batch of these footnotes as we move into the home stretch of this movie that actually has that title.