ANOMALISA: The Artists Speak

Video interviews with the people behind the puppets.

A few weeks ago I had a chance to visit Starburns Industries, where the magnificent stop motion film Anomalisa was created. In this unassuming space in the Valley a group of artisans working in a form some wrote off as dead a decade ago created a story so human and profound that it transcends its medium - even though it's a story that could be told visually only in this medium. And they worked - hours upon hours to create minor movements, to capture not big action or fantasy moments but intimate emotional ones. It was a weird journey for them, one that included a fairly explicit puppet sex scene. Imagine spending weeks on that scene, unsure if it was going to look absolutely ridiculous or not, hoping that the vision of co-directors Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson was clear. 

Thankfully it was. Anomalisa was one of my ten favorite movies of 2015, and it opens in a wide release this weekend. Go see it. And maybe watch this video where I talk with the people behind the puppets.