LA: Kumail Nanjiani Is Hosting An X-FILES Marathon!

And it'll end with the premiere of the new series.

I am proud to have been a recurring guest on Kumail Nanjiani's The X-Files Files, the podcast that helped get the ball rolling for the X-Files revival we are about to enjoy on Fox. I was actually the very first guest, so I have a real affection for this show. 

Kumail is hosting a marathon of The X-Files at the Cinefamily on Saturday January 16th - he'll be showing a bunch of his favorite episodes and then he's going to give us a sneak peek at the first episode of the new season. Let me give you some insider info here: the episodes Kumail plans on showing are not obvious ones, and any X-Phile will be intrigued by his choices. It would be really damn exciting if this event was just some old episodes and one of the new ones, but there's more! Kumail will be recording a live episode of The X-Files Files, and he's bringing in folks from the show as guests. It's going to be a killer event. 

And it's going to be FREE. Yes, free. It'll be first come, first served, and they would like you to register at this link, although registration is not a ticket! You're still going to want to get there a early to get in line. 

I'll be there, and so, I suspect, will The Truth. I can't wait.