This Coffee Table Honors Chris Nolan’s INCEPTION, Will Impale Dogs And Crawling Babies

Worth it.

Are you, or someone you know, afflicted with hardcore Christopher Nolan fanboyism? Do you have roughly $6k just sitting around, waiting to be spent on an admittedly-awesome-but-in-no-way-practical coffee table/3D model? Is your home free of dogs, cats, and/or crawling babies? Then have I got the deal for you.

This "Wave Coffee Table", designed by Cypriot-based designer Stelios Mousarris, may be the conversation piece to end all conversation pieces. You put this bad boy in the middle of your living room, and (whether you like it or not) people are going to talk about it. 

Mousarris' website doesn't offer any specific details regarding size, but it does feature the following item description: "Inspired by a film this table is a well ballanced mixture of wood, steel and 3D printed technology." Obviously, the film-in-question is Christopher Nolan's Insomnia, but the piece might also be read as a tribute to Inception, notable for being the last truly great film that Nolan directed (Editor's mental note: do not read the comments on this article).

To be clear: I'm breaking balls here. While wholly impractical and potentially lethal given the right household, I think this coffee table is pretty badass. The detail's fantastic, and I'm endlessly fascinated by the stuff that artists are doing with 3D printing these days. Would I personally drop almost $6k on a coffee table based on Inception? No, largely because I have neither the budget nor the room to accommodate such a thing.

But if you bought this Inception coffee table, invited me over, and just stood there, beaming, while I laid down on the ground to get a better look at it before puncturing my eyeball on one of these skyscrapers? I would respect the hell out of you for it.

Visit Stelios Mousarris' online store here (he's got a bunch of bonkers furniture available there, and it's all really cool stuff), and be sure to invite me over when you pick this one up.

Everyone else is encouraged to hit the comments, where a tedious discussion re: the merits of Interstellar will soon be taking place.