Guillermo Del Toro Could Get Small For A FANTASTIC VOYAGE

He's stepping into the long-gestating remake.

I love the original Fantastic Voyage. Donald Pleasance gets demolished by a white blood cell, and Raquel Welsh is a total fox while swimming around in someone's lymphatic system. What's more, the hi-tech sub, the Proteus, is an example of the great ship design of 60s scifi. The premise is that a team of experts is miniaturized to take out some blood clots that are threatening the life of a spy who has valuable information that could save the US from the Soviets. The original is silly but earnest, and it's a great special effects show - lots of practical effects creating often psychedelic vistas of the inside of the human body. 

James Cameron has been working on remaking this film forever, and now he has stepped aside from the director's chair so that Guillermo del Toro can take it over. Working with a script by David Goyer, del Toro is in talks to continue developing the remake and direct the eventual film. Cameron will produce; previously Cameron and del Toro tried to work together on At the Mountains of Madness. Goyer worked with del Toro on Blade 2

This is great news! Fantastic Voyage is awesome, and the original is thin enough that it can be remade exceptionally well with the right vision. One part medical procedural, one part science fiction action film, I love the idea of a Fantastic Voyage update. The original is a little staid by modern standards, so maybe this new version will have an action element - the Proteus must evade a bad guy sub (base it on the The Voyager from the 1968 Filmation cartoon series)! - but one thing del Toro will definitely bring: the goopy, grand glory of the inside of the human body. What a playground for one of our greatest fantastical visionaries!