Mondo Presents The STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN Score On Vinyl!

The 50th anniversary of TREK starts here!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry's immortal contribution to science fiction and American culture, and Mondo is starting the party off with some music - specifically with a vinyl rerelease of James Horner's score for Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. But get this - it's the extended score, featuring cues rarely released for home listening, and it's spread out across two gorgeous LPs.

Check out the front and back covers, featuring art by Matt Taylor:

And this amazing gatefold!

The insert is also gorgeous, and boldly reflects the design of the cover. But there's a secret in this insert: 

Liner notes by me! Yup, this is my first time contributing liner notes to an album, a true dream come true. I think they're pretty good. But they're not the focus of the set - the music is. Remastered by James Plotkin for this release, the tracks include: 

01. Main Title (3:06)
02. Surprise on Ceti Alpha V (0:45)
03. Khan's Pets (4:19)
04. The Eels of Ceti Alpha V / Kirk in Space Shuttle (3:53)
05. Enterprise Clears Moorings (3:33)
06. Chekov Lies (0:40)
07. Spock (1:12)
08. Kirk Takes Command / He Tasks Me (2:07)
09. Genesis Project (3:16)
10. Surprise Attack (5:07)
11. Kirk's Explosive Reply (4:01)
12. Inside Regula I (1:35)
13. Brainwashed (1:24)
14. Captain Terrell's Death (1:58)
15. Buried Alive (0:57)
16. The Genesis Cave (1:09)
17. Battle In The Mutara Nebula (8:07)
18. Enterprise Attacks Reliant (1:29)
19. Genesis Countdown (6:34)
20. Spock (Dies) (1:53)
21. Amazing Grace (1:26)
22. Epilogue / End Title (8:41)
23. Epilogue (Original Version) / End Title (7:29)

I have this set and it sounds glorious, even on my dinky record player. This is possibly James Horner's greatest and most iconic work (in my humblest of opinions) and is one of the most beloved soundtracks of our time. Now you can listen to it while gazing upon some legit, hot shit art.

The album goes on sale 1/13 on Keep your eyes open for it - check @mondonews for the latest updates. And as always, live long and prosper.