THE WITCH To Come Out One Week Earlier Than Expected

Now you can meet Black Phillip even sooner!

Robert Eggers’ The Witch was originally supposed to come out February 27. But someone at A24 apparently thought better of that and moved the release date up to February 19. And it’s not some limited release either. They’re going wide with it.

You can read Devin’s review for the film here. Scott also reviewed it here. It’s not something you want to miss, and I’m saying that as someone who merely likes it a lot rather than loves it, which is almost everyone else’s response. It’s a cold, slow burn film about a family who gets their asses kicked by a witch. That's it! It also features maybe the greatest goat in the history of cinema. A bold statement, I know, but one I stand behind.

So take this as a victory. You now have one week less to wait before you can behold The Witch in all its witchy glory.