Batty & Supes Converse In New BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE TV Spot

Eh, I’m just gonna ram him with my Batcar.

Zack Snyder just dropped the following Batman V Superman: Jawn of Dustice TV spot, and I think it’s pretty hilarious:

There’s just something about Batman, smartest guy in the world, trying to ram Superman with his car. I doubt he expected it to work, to be honest, but something about that makes it even funnier, like he’s a little kid just lashing out for its own sake rather than to actually yield results.

Then we have Superman and all his looks of disgust and disdain for pipsqueak Batman. It’d be great if he didn’t speak the whole movie and just glared at everyone in different ways to communicate. That's the Superman we all love and remember.

Then little Batman acts real tough and asks Superman if he bleeds. Superman’s like “I don’t have time for this nonsense” and flies off before Bats can even finish his cool guy line. Ice cold.

So what I’m saying is that Batman and Superman look like angry children in this movie, and I think that’s just glorious.