A Slew Of Barely Distinguishable White Guys Up For Young Han Solo Role

And he could appear in ROGUE ONE.

It's a dire actor landscape when Dave Franco is on the list to play a young Harrison Ford. Don't get me wrong, I like Dave Franco plenty, but as young Han Solo? How is he even in serious contention?

Variety reports that 600 young white dudes are up for the role, and almost none of them are exciting. Some, like Ansel Elgort, are fine actors, but they're not Han Solo. There's even a guy from Glee on the short list, Blake Jenner. The harsh reality is this: they shouldn't cast a known actor. They should be finding someone who does not embody Harrison Ford but who has his vibe. They need to cast somebody who will bring no baggage to the role and allow us to rediscover the character in this new iteration. 

The other names Variety mentions: Jack Reynor, Logan Lerman, Scott Eastwood, Miles Teller and Emory Cohen from Brooklyn

The weird piece of this: Variety says Lucasfilm is casting young Han right now because he's needed for a cameo in Rogue One, the first A Star Wars Story film. It's a tiny part, apparently, but it makes you wonder how this works - that film is about stealing the Death Star plans, which puts it contemporaneous with Known Han Solo, as opposed to Young Han Solo. My guess? There's a flashback or an introduction of a character in a prologue where they know Solo - perhaps Felicity Jones backstory?

We will see in just under a year.