The Final Trailer For THE WITCH Is Just About Perfect

Hail Satan.

Last week, Satan looked upon the sorry state of the world and decided to throw humanity a bone. Meetings were scheduled, contracts were signed, a few demons were sent topside, and suddenly Robert Eggers' The Witch was arriving in theaters one week sooner than expected. The announcement was met with much rejoicing, particularly amongst the godforsaken souls who weren't on-hand to catch the film at Fantastic Fest 2015. What a pleasant surprise!

Well, guess what, chumps? A24's got one final piece of The Witch marketing for you - a trailer. And as an added bonus, it's the best one yet. Take a look (by the way, if you're worried about the trailer being too spoiler-y, it isn't; click with confidence):

This is a great trailer. Love the repetition of "Black Phillip" (poised to be the breakout celebrity goat of the year), which occurs every time that lovable scamp appears onscreen. Love that it shows you just enough of this doomed family's descent into madness (don't worry, plenty more where that came from). Love the dense, period-appropriate dialogue. This clip perfectly captures the spirit of Eggers' film - its pervasive dread, its hysteria, its ecstasy. What more could you possibly want?

You want The Witch. Well, don't worry, folks. February 19th is just a few weeks away. Get hyped.