Amber Heard May Be Joining AQUAMAN

James Wan's DC tentpole may have found its love interest.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amber Heard is in negotiations to join Aquaman as Mera, love interest to Aquaman and the eventual Queen of Atlantis. 

The current plan is for Mera to make her first appearance in Justice League (which, if my math is correct, brings the character count for that film into the triple digits) before appearing opposite Jason Momoa in James Wan's big-budget Aquaman flick.

More intriguing than any of this is the reminder that Warner Bros. is taking a unique approach to Aquaman's development. Namely: undergoing a dual track development, meaning that there are two separate scripts that are being worked on concurrently.

David Leslie Johnson, who is Wan’s writer on The Conjuring 2, is working on one while the other one is being penned by Kurt Johnstad, who wrote 300 with Zack Snyder, who is directing Justice League, producing Aquaman and is one of the architects of the DC movieverse.

Taking the Thunderdome approach to scripting a major summer tentpole strikes me as bizarre, but what do I know? Who am I to cast aspersions at Warner Bros., a studio with a storied history in launching shared universes and not screwing up DC Comics adaptations? Of course they know what they're doing.  

Look, I know everyone's very excited about all of this, but do try and pace yourselves: Justice League won't arrive until next November, and Aquaman won't get here until July of 2018. 

Stay tuned for updates, and please feel free to feign interest in an Aquaman movie in the comments below.