Austin! Watch The First Two Episodes Of THE 100 Season 3 Early And On The Big Screen At The Alamo

(Also applicable for people willing to drive to Austin, like me.)

If you read Devin's great post about The 100, the brutal sci-fi show on The CW, then you know it's brilliant storytelling that pulls exactly zero punches. It's also a shockingly cinematic show, considering its CW budget, so it's just about PERFECT that ATX Television Festival is presenting the first two episodes of Season 3 next Wednesday on the big screen at Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane in Austin! That's one day before the premiere airs on The CW, and a week earlier than most of the world will get to see the second episode!

I've been to these ATX events before (for Hannibal, Game of Thrones and more), and they're always well-produced and an excellent way to enjoy your favorite television series in a big, exciting format. All you have to do to reserve your seat is purchase a five dollar voucher toward food and beverage at the Alamo, food and beverage you would most definitely be purchasing anyway, which means the ticket to The 100 is virtually FREE. This is an amazing deal! 

And if you haven't seen The 100 yet but keep meaning to catch up, now's your chance. The first two seasons are free-streaming on Netflix, and you have exactly one week to gobble down 29 episodes, a feat that is not only super doable but actually kind of mandatory, once you get going and realize you couldn't stop even if you wanted. So take the leap, grab your VIRTUALLY FREE seats for The 100 Season 3 premiere and get your binge on. You can thank me when you see me at the screening. 

Get your tickets here!