Check Out The Full Trailer For Hulu’s 11.22.63

This might be good.

Late last week, a terrible oversight occurred: the first full-length trailer for Hulu's 11.22.63 arrived online, and it somehow snuck right by every Stephen King-loving member of the Birth.Movies.Death. staff. We failed you, and for that you have our apologies. 

But, hey, maybe you missed it, too! If so, here ya go:

This looks pretty good, I guess. The period detail looks flawless (everything from the storefronts to the costumes to the whale-like cars cruising down the streets looks dead-on accurate), and it looks like the series will strike the right balance between "time travel shenanigans" and "paranoid conspiracy thriller". I'm also excited to see ya boi Chris Cooper popping up in the role of Al Templeton. That oughtta be a good fit. 

But as I've said from the very beginning, James Franco seems wildly miscast in this role. 11.22.63. has a number of hurdles to overcome on its way to being great, but - speaking as a fan of both Franco and the source material - that one's gotta be the biggest. Hey, I'm open to being pleasantly surprised! 

Lord knows I'll be tuning in (or signing up for a free trial, or whatever the hell it is I'm gonna have to do in order to watch this series) when this series debuts on Hulu next month. How about you guys?