Stephen Chow’s THE MERMAID Gets A New Teaser And Some Character Posters

It appears this movie might be a little silly.

Whenever you have a new Stephen Chow movie coming down the pike, it’s worthwhile to see everything you can regarding it. To that end, here is a new teaser for The Mermaid. It’s (cough) allinChinese:

Whatever they’re talking about in that trailer, I’m sure it’s hilarious. Perhaps one of you speaks Chinese and can tell us in the comments.

Language barriers won’t be as big of an issue when it comes to the following character posters. I mean, the text could be telling us to go fuck ourselves, but even if we could read it, we’d probably skip it to look at these goofy hairstyles:

Who knows when we’ll finally get to lay eyes on this one. My fingers are crossed for a Fantastic Fest screening!