Awesome-Looking STANDOFF Gets Another Awesome-Looking Trailer

Fishburne v Jane: Staircase of Justice.

I like certain kinds of movies more than others. I am especially fond of movies where Laurence Fishburne and Thomas Jane experience tense, one-on-one standoffs for ninety minutes. They just don’t come out that often. So you can understand why I’m super excited for Standoff:

This second trailer for the film doesn’t show much we didn’t see in the first trailer, but it offers a better presentation overall, which makes sense since this is now a movie with an actual release date (February 12, though it hits DirecTV January 14). There’s not that much to convey, really. Good guy Thomas Jane wants to protect a little girl from bad guy Laurence Fishburne. Guns are involved. 

All I know is that I will see the shit out of this. I cannot imagine a situation where I would pass on a movie like Standoff, and I hope that day never comes. After all, it could be decades before we get another good "Laurence Fishburne and Thomas Jane experience a tense, one-on-one standoff for ninety minutes" movie.

By the way, the credits say Hayden Christensen was one of Standoff’s executive producers. So now you KNOW it’s going to be good.