DEADPOOL: Banned In China

Hard as they tried, Chinese censors just couldn’t carve a respectable movie out of this one.

It’s become a very big part of a movie’s success to make that big China money, particularly when we’re talking about large superhero movies. But while it would be naive to imagine the makers of a film not wanting their picture to make as much money as possible, one can also imagine a little behind the scenes smirking over this one. Just a little.

According to THR, China has banned Deadpool from its screens. Usually, China will take a film and get rid of any offending parts, but in Deadpool’s case they just threw up their hands and said “Fuck it.” Apparently there’s no way for them to quiet the movie down without throwing it into completely narrative chaos.

That doesn’t mean the film’s good, by the way. It just means the movie is very dirty, specifically when it comes to violence, language, and hung dong. That’s not necessarily the same thing, though I am definitely getting more and more excited, particularly if this means we get to see Colossus’ metal wang.