Rob Cohen To Direct Goofy But Awesome Sounding CATEGORY 5

Sounds like b-movie bliss.

Rob Cohen’s not a director whose work raises much enthusiasm. Nevertheless, his mid-level action films occasionally have enough entertainment value that I can’t write him off completely.

His new film sounds like it could provide one of those situations. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cohen will direct Category 5. Here’s the premise: a team of villains steal a hundred million dollars from a U.S. Mint facility. Then a gigantic hurricane hits. No one can stop the thieves but a meteorologist and a female treasury agent. I repeat: the action heroes in this movie are a represented by a female cop type and a meteorologist.

So while I’m not totally buying Rob Cohen, I am putting down some cash on that goofy action premise. It may be awful. It probably will be awful. But you never know. A gem could arise. Not a Key Largo-sized gem, but you get the idea.