Paramount takes TERMINATOR: GENISYS 2 off the schedule.

Skydance, the production company behind the new attempt at a Terminator trilogy that began with the historically terrible Terminator: Genisys, insisted back in October that they were still working on more films in the series. Nobody understood why - not only is the Terminator franchise clearly out of gas, Genisys was a dismal wart of a film and nobody wants to go back to that iteration for more. 

Paramount seems to agree; today the studio quietly removed Terminator: Genisys 2 from their schedule of upcoming films. In its place: Baywatch, an attempt to pull a 21 Jump Street on another old TV show. While there's no official word that Terminator is over forever, the fact that Paramount has simply disappeared the movie speaks volumes. Maybe another one is coming, but it's not coming anytime soon. 

And thank god. This was the third film that attempted to start a new trilogy of Terminator films - a trilogy of failures - and it was for sure the worst one. The franchise has been fucked so hard it'll never sit comfortably again. The best, most decent thing for Skydance and Paramount to do is bring Terminator around the back of the barn and put a bullet in its steel endoskull.

Rest in peace, Terminator. For now.