Americans Invade In New LONDON HAS FALLEN Poster

This movie would kill twenty Brits to save one Yankee.

There’s little hope London has Fallen will be quite the head-stabby gem we found with Olympus has Fallen. But I’m taking that little hope and squeezing it as tight as I can. This new poster tells me I made the right call:

Look at that. A bunch of pissed off Americans amid or in front of Union Jack, most of them probably unable to even identify that name for it. You then have the amazing tagline “Prepare for Bloody Hell.” To borrow a line from my pal Siddhant Adlakha, “that is the most American take on a British thing in existence.”

I love it. The American arrogance on display in this poster tells me the weird, amoral heart of Olympus has Fallen may beat on in this film despite the absence of director Antoine Fuqua.

London has Fallen comes out March 4. That’s pretty soon. I wasn’t expecting a new trailer, but if they put out this poster today, more promotion isn’t out of the question.