A PROPHET Remake To Be Directed by Sam Raimi

Anyone who saw that coming would be a great prophet indeed.

You never know what Sam Raimi will do next. After establishing himself in horror, the guy went on to make one of the ‘90s funnest Westerns with The Quick and the Dead, followed by one of its better crime films with A Simple Plan. Then he, you know, made three Spider-Man movies, only to reestablish himself as a horror guy with the incredible Drag Me to Hell. We kind of have him pigeonholed, but in reality the guy's all over the place.

Now it looks like he’s going back to the crime well with a project of no small renown. According to Variety, Raimi is in talks to direct A Prophet, the Dennis Lehan-scripted remake of the acclaimed French film.

If you haven’t seen A Prophet, you absolutely should. It’s a legit crime epic that deserves all the accolades it gets. Having said that, a remake isn’t the most offensive thing in the world, particularly with this writer and director.

The plan is for the film to get into production by the middle of this year. I love that Raimi’s going in this direction next, and can’t wait to hear more as we get closer to a start date.