ALLEGIANT Gets A Bizarre, Almost Interesting Trailer

A change of pace for the series?

I’m so confused. I’ve seen both the Divergent movies, but apparently don’t remember them very well because I was sure they “go beyond the wall” at the end of the first one. I guess not since that’s the focus of the third move, based on what we see in this trailer:

This doesn’t look half bad. It’s almost enough to erase the blandness of the first two films. You have bright colors, weird bubbly sci-fi things, and way more dynamic camera work. The nudity stuff is pretty laughable, but something definitely looks different here, like this third entry could actually be good.

In the end, I doubt it. This, more than any other YA series I’ve seen, feels like a series of ripped-off elements cobbled together without grace. There’s no reason to believe the third entry will be any different. But I like being optimistic! It certainly looks better.

Allegiant comes out March 18.