Steven Moffat To End His Run As Dr. DOCTOR WHO

Another new era is about to begin.

Well it finally happened. Steven Moffat, after six seasons (yeah, I’m going to call them seasons), will no longer write and executive produce Doctor Who. He will be replaced by Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall.

This is a big deal. Even in the Russell T Davies era, Moffat’s influence as a writer gave the show some of its most iconic episodes. Obviously that influence expanded significantly when he began running the show in 2010. Essentially, if you love Who lately, you blame Moffat. Same if you hate the show.

The BBC will run a 2016 Doctor Who holiday special but that’s all the Who we’re going to see this year. Moffat’s last season will air starting 2017. The Chibnall era begins 2018. So you have a while to get over the news, though the BBC is going to make a pretty big deal of it. And I’m sure that last Moffat show will be a doozy.

But the good news is Chibnall already has a good actor lined up on that Broadchurch show if they ever need to replace the Doctor again!