There’s Going To Be Another LABYRINTH For Some Reason

Someone’s wearing their Bad Idea Jeans.

With last week’s passing of David Bowie, a lot more people than normal probably have Labyrinth on their minds. Not that the film wasn’t already popular. For a certain age group, something about David Bowie in those tights had a profound, life-long effect, and the film has enjoyed a healthy cultural vitality, particularly for a movie originally seen as a box office disappointment.

So let’s remake it! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tri-Star and the Jim Henson Co. are entering into a new Labyrinth written by Guardians of the Galaxy co-writer Nicole Perlman. I love Guardians of the Galaxy, but I doubt this will be as witty as the original, which was written by none other than Monty Python member Terry Jones.

This is one of those remakes that just doesn't make any sense; pretty much everything that made the original special to people will be absent. Are they going to strike out on their own path, or are they going to cast a Goblin King who looks and sounds like Bowie? I assume practical creatures will be involved, but what about practical sets? Will this be a crazy CG green screen movie? On the other hand, it's a known brand and will likely make money. I suppose that's all the sense it has to make.

Actually, THR doesn’t even know if this is a remake or a sequel. A remake seems more likely, but these are crazy times.

In any case, another Labyrinth appears to be happening. Let’s just hope it’s not an embarrassment.