Wonder Woman Flies Commercial In New BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer

Watch her put away luggage.

There's a new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice* and it includes very, very little new footage. Perhaps the most notable piece of new footage has Wonder Woman, in her civilian Diana Prince persona, putting away her carry-on luggage in what appears to be Business Class on a Turkish Airways flight. 

I hope that's not a spoiler!

It's possibly one of the weirder trailer moments in history, as it comes in the part of the trailer where the music is amping up and the imagery is coming quickly. We get guys riding horses on a ridge, Bruce Wayne approaching someone menacingly in the snow... and Diana Prince making sure she has her Kindle e-reader out of her bag before she closes the overhead compartment. 

I guess the real question, the true mystery that this trailer brings is: is that actually Business Class or is it First Class? It looks like it could go either way; if it's a long-haul flight, that must be business, but if it's a shorter hop - maybe two to five hours - that could be First Class. What does Diana's class choice tell us about the character? She's clearly not flying Economy, but if that is Business she's opting for some comfort while not splurging on the extravagant First Class amenities. Her seat won't recline into a bed, which perhaps means she intends to work on the entire flight, showing us that Diana is a hard worker, doing her best. If it is First Class it tells us that Diana treats herself on shorter flights (again, I doubt that's First Class on a longhaul) and that she's leaving the Invisible Jet at home for those trips. 

Seriously, how weird is it that the BvS trailer is going out of its way to show us that Wonder Woman flies commercial?

It is worth noting that this is a special trailer cut for Turkish Airlines, which really shows us the absurdity of modern marketing tie-ins. Gotta get that shot of the Turkish Airlines jet in there!


* I'm starting to think they're serious about this.