Your Kid Is Gonna Love The Piss Joke In This New ANGRY BIRDS Trailer

Hahaha, oh man. Those birds drank urine.

You guys. There's a new trailer for The Angry Birds Movie. I know. We're all excited. No, seriously. BMD Headquarters is downright giddy about the whole thing (especially Phil).

I mean, yeah, it's essentially the same footage we saw in the teaser trailer that dropped back in September, but this new one's got an all-timer piss gag in it.

Piss, I said. You know, like urine? Yeah, well, what happens is, some of the birds are swimming in a lake - just horsing around and spitting water into each other's mouths and stuff - and then...well, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

But basically these birds drink piss. It's hilarious.

The Angry Birds Movie (featuring Josh Gad) opens May 20th.