AMERICAN GODS Adaptation Gets Its First Cast Member

100 fans, time to get nervous.

As you probably already know, Starz is putting together an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, a novel in which old personifications of human culture (like, say, Odin) have to fight new personifications of human culture (like, say, TV).

The novel’s main character is an ex-con named Shadow Moon. Today brings news that this part will be played by English actor Ricky Wittle, who you may know from a little show called The 100. And while that show has something of a reputation for killing off its characters, Whittle’s character, Lincoln, is still alive. His casting in American Gods might be the kind of thing that gets 100 fans nervous, though.

It took showrunners Brian Fuller and Michael Green a long time to cast Shadow Moon. Whittle auditioned with many other actors and must have really made an impression. I’m actually looking forward to the show. I read the book, but all I can remember is that I liked it. Revisiting it in a different format should be fun.