GAME OF THRONES’ Neil Marshall To Direct Pilot For Eric Kripke’s TIME

This is high-quality geek convergence.

I had no idea Eric Kripke, the guy behind the first five (awesome) seasons of Supernatural had anything coming down the pike. There’s no reason why he shouldn't have anything coming down he pike. I just hadn’t heard of it.

Apparently he does, though, a TV show called Time, which as you can probably figure, involves time travel. We already have a time travel show, Legends of Tomorrow, but TV is a big enough town for both of them.

This is awesome enough as is. But it gets better. According to an announcement Kripke made on Twitter, Neil Marshall is going to direct the show’s pilot. That’s a huge get. Neil Marshall not only directed incredible films like The Descent, Doomsday (yes it is), and Centurion (yes it is, too), but he’s the guy behind some of Game of Thrones’ most incredible episodes - “Blackwater” and “The Watchers on the Wall” - so he knows how to make TV feel like big budget filmmaking.

Of course, this is just a pilot. They’re making it for NBC, who can easily tell them to take a short walk on a long pier (or however that goes), but they probably won’t. I’d start getting excited.