Kevin Spacey Made A Dumb Talking Cat Movie And Here Is The Trailer

Mr. Fuzzy Pants will cut your ass.

What can I tell you? Sometimes real life goes beyond anything parody could invent. This is one of those times:

Kevin Spacey is obviously being blackmailed by someone. Barry Sonnenfeld might be, too. I doubt Christopher Walken is, though.

For those too frightened to watch that trailer, it’s for a movie called Nine Lives. In it, Kevin Spacey plays a billionaire who gets turned into a cat. According to Christopher Walken, he will remain a cat until he learns to love his family, at which point he transforms from pussy to plain old wimp.

Sounds great! No, I’m lying. But I am telling the truth when I say that this thing comes out August 5. Unfortunately, it’s too early to buy tickets. But you can check out the poster below: