The George A. Romero …OF THE DEAD Feast Begins Here!

Phil and Evan have risen from their own graves.

We’re deep into a movie season that, as is typical for this time of year, does not inspire much enthusiasm. So Phil and I are looking back, all the way back to George A. Romero’s classic, Night of the Living Dead.

As we explain in the podcast, this will be the first of at least three podcasts on Romero’s …Of the Dead series. We also plan on covering Dawn and Day. We reserve the right to change our minds regarding Land. And as much as I enjoy being mean to Phil, even I’m not mean enough to make him watch Diary. I think Survival’s out too. We haven’t really covered a horror series before, so it should be fun.

This week’s episode certainly is. At first I was shocked to discover Phil and I managed to spin two full hours out of Night of the Living dead and its 1990 remake, but then I remembered we spent half an hour just talking about Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson. We probably could have done the whole show on that alone.

So there you have it! Next week we’ll cover Dawn of the Dead with, I assume, some discussion of its remake as well. We’ll see you then!