New DEADPOOL PSA Encourages You To Play With Your Balls (For A Good Cause)

A funny public service announcement takes on a very serious topic.

The marketing campaign for Tim Miller's Deadpool may be the best I've seen in years. I say this with authority: in the space of just over a few months, I've gone from feeling completely ambivalent towards Miller's having already secured my tickets for a Thursday-night preview on opening weekend. I am not Deadpool's target audience, but what can I say? They've roped me in ("If the ads are this clever..."). These ads are great, and I'm legitimately excited to see the film. 

The latest bit of great Deadpool marketing comes in the form of a PSA about testicular cancer. How does one go about assembling a very funny PSA around such a deeply serious topic? Just watch:

It's informative, it's important, it's right in-line with the character, and - above all else - it's funny (hello, I am a grown man who laughed out loud at that "Smooth Criminals" line). 

I continue to be impressed by what 20th Century Fox's marketing team is doing with Deadpool. To sorta echo something Devin was saying on Twitter the other day, I really hope the film does this marketing campaign justice. 

We'll find out soon enough: Deadpool opens on February 12th. See it with someone you love (and gentlemen: do take the advice in the video above seriously).