Rebecca Ferguson Continues World Takeover With Sci-fi Movie, LIFE

Brace yourself, it’s a science fiction movie based on an original idea.

We all love Rebecca Ferguson thanks to her star-making turn in the last Mission: Impossible film, a performance so likable that she’s going to be the first M:I female costar to return for a second movie.

Hopefully, though, her career won’t be limited to playing Tom Cruise’s sidekick over and over. So consider it good news that she just got the lead in an upcoming science fiction film called Life.

Directed by Child 44 and Safe House’s Daniel Espinosa, and written by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, Life is about a space station crew who retrieves some kind of sample from Mars that ends up being both alive and smarter than it’s supposed to be. I’m assuming it just kills the shit out of everybody. Sounds fun! Especially if this "sample" is just like a rock or a pile of dirt or something.