EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Mondo’s HAIL, CAESAR! Poster (And Maybe Win One While You’re At It)

We're giving away five (yes, FIVE) copies of Francesco Francavilla's HAIL, CAESAR! poster. Details inside.

The Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar! arrives this week, and of course we're all very excited about it (it's a new Coen Brothers film; if that's not enough to get you excited, you probably shouldn't be reading this website). The cast is great, the trailers have been excellent (dancing Channing Tatum!), and...well, let's face it: it's been weeks since anything remotely great landed in theaters. The thirst is real.

And, hey: here's some more exciting news - to celebrate the release of the film, the good folks at Mondo are releasing not one, but two brand-new screenprints based on the Coen Brothers' latest...and they're letting BMD give some of 'em away. Find out how you can win one below the image reveals:

Hail, Caesar! by Francesco Francavilla

24x36" Screenprint / Edition of 275

On Sale Friday (2/5) Via MondoTees.com 

Hail, Caesar! by BLT Communications

18x24" Screenprint / Edition of 125

On Sale Friday (2/5) Via MondoTees.com 

As an added bonus, the folks at Mondo have offered to give away five (!!!) copies of the print up top - that's the Francesco Francavilla version, just so we're all very clear - to that many BMD readers. How do you win? We're going to make this one very easy. Rules are as follows:

  1. Be living in the United States/Canada.
  2. Have a Twitter account.
  3. Hit the comments below and explain who your favorite Coen Brothers character is and why (keep it to a manageable length, Hemingway).
  4. Wait for Thursday (2/4) evening to roll around. I'll pick my five favorite answers and notify you (via response on Disqus) that you've won. At that point you'll need to follow me on Twitter (if you're not already) and I'll collect your shipping info via DM. Mondo will be shipping these posters to the winners directly.

All of that make sense? Good, and good luck to everyone who's entering this giveaway. Everyone playing along at home is encouraged to upvote their favorite responses for greater visibility, but be aware that we won't be selecting the winners solely by the number of upvotes. That's just for funsies.