John Carpenter To Release Second Album (And Maybe Go On Tour)

Fans of LOST THEMES need to get ready for LOST THEMES II.

About a year ago, director John Carpenter released an album called Lost Themes. Comprised entirely of new material, the album was met with nearly universal praise from fans and critics, sold well, and reminded everyone that Carpenter's work behind a keyboard is just as iconic as his work behind the camera. 

With all that in mind, then, it's really not all that shocking to learn that we're getting Lost Themes II (you can pre-order it via iTunes at this link). As was the case with the first Lost Themes, the album will feature Carpenter playing alongside his son, Cody Carpenter, and godson, Daniel Davies. 

But wait, there's more: as pointed out by the AV Club, it also appears that Carpenter intends to hit the road in support of Lost Themes II sometime soon:

American audiences, however, are still waiting to hear if there are any live shows in the works on this side of the Atlantic. To that, the press release speaks very directly, and also very non-specifically.

“U.S. dates coming soon,” it says, reaffirming Carpenter’s status as the master of suspense. 

(If I could just speak to John Carpenter directly for a moment - and I can, because I'm certain he'll never read this: you and your kids oughtta swing that tour through Fantastic Fest this year. I mean, you'd be following the jaw-dropping performance Itchy-O turned in at last year's Fantastic Fest, but if anyone could rock the Highball harder than those cats, it's probably you. What are your plans for September? HMU)

People who picked up the first Lost Themes: you gonna go back for round two? Did you enjoy the album enough that you'd shell out to see Carpenter performing these tracks live? Sound off in the comments below.