First-Person POV Zombie Movie, PANDEMIC, Gets A Frantic Trailer

“Just try to think of it as a game.” (winks heavily like a million times)

Maybe it’s because I’m getting old and grumpy, but I’m not really into his whole new first-person POV movie fad. Perhaps it’s the inherent shaky camera. It could be the discomfort I feel at having every character talking directly to me at all times. Either way, I may have to make peace with it.

Which brings us to this trailer for Pandemic, our latest first-person POV thriller. This one takes place during a zombie apocalypse. Have a look:

As usual, this feels like it’s trying to capture the feel of a video game, something that becomes painfully obvious when Mekhi Phifer actually instructs “us” to think of it as one. If you’re going to do this, I imagine there are worse premises for it than a zombie breakout. It offers lots of opportunities for up close headshots and cheap jump-scares.

Pandemic also stars Rachel Nichols, Alfie Allen, Missi Pyle, and Pat Healy. It hits theaters April 1 and VOD April 5.